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The Ultimate Hair Algae Cleanup Crew! | 5 Species Copepod 32oz and 16oz Live Phyto Premium Mix + Pod Hotel!

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Tough to fight, hair algae can eventually encroach upon corals if not controlled. That is why you need the Green Hair Algae Killer Kit.

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Protect Your Valuable Corals

Maybe we all lose our breath for a second after seeing that first patch of Hair Algae. Aside from being really ugly, it can overgrow and smother corals and other small, sessile invertebrates. And, it can be pretty hard to completely get rid of. Could the answer to this problem be as simple as adding the hair algae killer kit, that naturally keep reefs free of this green pestilence?

In most reef environments, the principal benthic algal grazers are diverse invertebrates of varying sizes. And then there are the copepods–probably the most important algivores on Earth!

For hair algae in captive marine systems, biological control is the best control. The best kind of biological control is the kind that burns your hair algae from both ends! For this, you need a select group of special herbivores and algal competitors. There you will find in the Hair Algae Killer Kit.

Introducing our game-changing 5 Species Copepod 32oz and 16oz Live Phyto Premium Mix – the ultimate solution for maintaining a thriving marine ecosystem!

Why choose us?
1️⃣ Premium Quality: Our blend features five diverse copepod species alongside live phytoplankton, ensuring optimal nutrition for your aquatic pets.
2️⃣ Convenience: Say hello to your pod’s new favorite spot – our innovative pod hotel provides the perfect habitat for your copepods to thrive and reproduce.
3️⃣ Lightning-Fast Shipping: Experience the magic of fast and free shipping! We understand the urgency of keeping your aquarium happy and healthy, so we prioritize swift delivery to your doorstep.
4️⃣ Expert Support: Our team of seasoned marine enthusiasts is here to answer all your queries and provide expert advice on caring for your aquatic friends.

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