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Reef Revitalize 16oz – Reef Tank Superfood – Premium 6 Phytoplankton Blend With Added Aminos!


Elevate your reef tank with Reef Revitalize by Copepods for Sale. Our superfood blend nourishes copepods and corals with six premium phytoplankton strains and added aminos for fish and coral health!

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Introducing “Reef Revitalize: Reef Tank Superfood with Aminos” by Copepods for Sale!

Dive into a world of thriving and vibrant reef ecosystems with Reef Revitalize. Specially formulated for Reef tanks to thrive. Reef Revitalize is the ultimate superfood designed to nourish and rejuvenate your underwater haven.

Enriched with essential amino acids for enhanced coral, fish and invert health, Reef Revitalize provides a nutrient-rich boost to your reef tank ecosystem. Our carefully curated blend contains the same six premium phytoplankton strains found in nature:

  • Nannochloropsis
  • Tetraselmis
  • Pavlova
  • Isochrysis galbana
  • Thalassiosira weissflogii
  • Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Each species of phytoplankton is cultivated separately and expertly combined to create a potent formula that supports copepod proliferation and sustains a balanced aquatic environment.

Store your bottle of Reef Revitalize in the refrigerator and give it a gentle shake every few days to maintain its freshness. With proper care, Reef Revitalize remains effective for 3-4 months, ensuring continuous support for your copepod population, Corals, Clams and any other filter feeder in your tank!

Elevate your reef tank experience and witness the remarkable transformation with Reef Revitalize by Copepods for Sale. Nurture a thriving copepod community and unlock the secrets to a flourishing underwater ecosystem today!


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