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32oz Copepod | 5 Species Copepod Blend | Pod Hotel Bundle


Our copepods contain five species of copepods that are proven to be highly useful in marine, and especially reef, aquaria. + added pod hotel

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Discover the Vitality of Copepods

Microcrustaceans, including amphipods, isopods, and copepods, play a crucial role in aquatic ecosystems worldwide, from the depths of the oceans to marshy habitats. Copepods, in particular, are abundant and serve as a nutritious food source for various marine life forms. In complex environments like tropical coral reefs, multiple copepod species occupy distinct ecological niches, fostering a balanced ecosystem.

At Copepods For Sale, we recognize the significance of copepods in maintaining aquarium health. Our diverse selection of copepod species mirrors natural ecosystems, promoting nutrient cycling and supporting marine life in your tank.

Why Choose Our Copepods?

Our copepods represent a balanced community, each species contributing uniquely to your aquarium’s ecosystem:

  • Tigriopus californicus: Rich in amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, these copepods are an excellent choice for discerning fish species. They actively move through the water column, providing a readily available food source.
  • Tisbe biminiensis: Small and resilient, these copepods thrive in live rock and macroalgae environments. They play a crucial role in consuming detritus, phytoplankton, and invasive algae, contributing to a clean and balanced tank.
  • Apocyclops panamensis: With a size between Tigriopus and Tisbe, these copepods offer a varied diet for your tank inhabitants. They reproduce rapidly, providing a continuous source of nutrition for seahorses and angelfish.
  • Oithona colcarva: Adaptable and nocturnal, Oithona copepods consume suspended particles, including bacteria, helping maintain water quality and balance in your aquarium.
  • Euterpina acutifrons: Non-selective herbivores, these copepods contribute to the health and longevity of fish and corals with their diverse protein and amino acid content.

Enhance Your Aquarium Experience

At Copepods For Sale, we offer premium copepods to enrich your aquarium’s ecosystem. Our copepods are sustainably harvested and bred to ensure viability and compatibility with your tank environment.

For a thriving aquarium ecosystem, choose Copepods For Sale and experience the difference in quality and diversity. Explore our range of copepod species and elevate your aquatic experience today

Ergonomic and Stackable Design: Redefining Copepod Housing

Our innovative copepod habitats feature ergonomic design for maximum comfort and natural behavior. With stackable modules, we optimize space, allowing for efficient use of aquarium real estate. Maintenance is simplified with removable trays and easy access points. Built to last, our habitats ensure long-term reliability in any aquatic environment. Upgrade your aquarium with Copepods For Sale and experience the difference in copepod housing technology.

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