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The Secret to a Thriving Aquarium

With a simple addition to your aquarium, our meticulously crafted bottles infuse life into your underwater world.

Dive into the world of gourmet fish cuisine today and treat your underwater community to a meal that’s not only a delight for their taste buds but also a boon for the overall health of your aquatic environment!


We cultivate healthy copepod and phytoplankton colonies using freshly mixed saltwater. Add the bottle directly to your tank to provide a healthy supply of live food for some of the most beautiful yet difficult-to-raise saltwater fish and watch your marine inhabitants thrive!

Bottle of copepods for sale

Live Copepods

Elevate the health of your saltwater aquarium with our vibrant live copepods. These tiny marine crustaceans are the key to satisfying even the pickiest marine fish. By maintaining a supply of live copepods, you’re ensuring a consistent and nutritious food source for your aquatic friends.

Bottle of phytoplankton for sale


Our Phytoplankton Saltwater Aquarium Supplement is the lifeblood of every thriving marine ecosystem. Phytoplankton plays a vital role in nourishing not only the copepods in your tank but also your corals and other organisms. It’s the foundation of a balanced and flourishing aquatic environment.

Jar of chaeto for sale

Chaeto Macro Algae

Discover the natural magic of Chaeto Macro Algae for your aquarium. This Chaetomorpha Macroalgae, when placed in your refugium, becomes a guardian of crystal-clear and pristine water. Experience the wonder of a self-sustaining, clean, and vibrant aquatic world.

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Delicious and

(For fish, that is!)

Not all fish are satisfied with ordinary pellets and frozen fare. Elevate their dining experience by stocking your tank with our live copepods, the secret to ensuring your aquatic friends stay healthy, content, and thriving!

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